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Basic facts about stainless steel
Author:admin  |  Release Time:10 Jan. 2012
It is too difficult to think of a material that has found its way to so many applications in such a short period of time as stainless steel. Only developed in the first decade of the 20th century stainless steels are irreplaceable in the world today. Although kitchen sinks, refrigerators and other consumer goods are probably the most visible applications it is the industrial application where stainless steel has its biggest impact on our daily lives. Some chemicals couldn't be produced without the use of corrosion resistant vessels and piping systems. Oil & gas production would often be close to impossible or very costly without the successful application of stainless steel. But what is stainless steel? And what about other corrosion resistant alloys such as titanium and nickel based alloys? To give you a better understanding of these materials and a better appreciation of its uses we have developed this section of our website. The focus of this section is clearly on basic facts and general information on stainless steels and other corrosion resistant alloys. For more detailed information please visit our other materials boxes or send us an e-mail by filling out our reply form. Please also forward any other comments you have on this section to us via the same form as your feedback is highly appreciated.
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