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New AUMA coating advances corrosion protection
Author:admin  |  Release Time:19 Jan. 2012

For over thirty years, AUMA - manufacturer of modular electric actuators, has supplied its robust actuation technology for a range of process applications including offshore installations. A new two-layer powder coating process recently developed by AUMA has advanced device capability. Single housing parts are now coated prior to assembly: as a result, whenever housing is opened for installation, commissioning or other procedures, there is no increased risk of corrosion.

The initiative from AUMA protects individual elements of the housing and represents a paradigm shift for the global actuator supplier. Previously, a finish coating was applied after final device assembly. The new process incorporates a first layer for optimum adhesion of the finish coating and a second layer which ensures resistance to chemicals / the weather and mechanical impact.

Commenting on the advancement in actuation, AUMA joint Managing Director Henrik Newerla said:

“This is a significant breakthrough that marks a revolutionary production change for AUMA - the new procedure has required design modification of our components and this has had a major impact on our manufacturing process.

“Corrosion protection is an integral part of the adaption of housing design and device enhancement. Keeping risk of corrosion damage to a minimum is a central focus for our designers: heavy investment in research ensures that new materials and procedures are continuously tested to verify their corrosion protection characteristics, and to test their appropriateness for use with our devices. Significant outlay is made at AUMA to continuously review materials and methodologies to provide the optimum solution.”

AUMA complies with EN ISO 12944-2, a standard that supports the end user and offers a solid basis for specifying corrosion protection requirements for applications.


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